01. Apply from the order form

Please specify the necessary items from the order form below and send the request details.

02. Sending material data

Please send us the 2MIX WAV file and we will ask for the request and finished images. We will contact you after verifying the contents.
We suggest the mix level of -16 to -20LUFS to leave room for the mastering process. Of course, the most important thing is to get the sound you want creatively.

03.Please pay from the shopping cart after contacting the estimated amount.

04. Mastering

After confirming payment, we will start work.  As soon as it is completed we will send the sound source date by email.  Please check the finished look and we will fix it for free up to once.

05. Delivery

Data format for streaming will be a 24 bit WAV file. It is possible to deliver in files of DSD. Not compatible with CDs and records.  (Consultation is required)
*There may be a refusal case by the difference of direction of the sound source.
*We usually do not accept attendance but please contact us if necessary.


$100 per 1 song (within 10 minutes) .

Fix for free up to once.  From the second time, $20 per 1 fix.

Plus $20 for High resolution such as DSD.

*Non-tax price